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Year In Review

This has been an incredible year for Save the Chimps, thanks to you.

Upon reflecting on all that we were able to accomplish, we gathered photos from some of our favorite and most memorable occasions in 2015.  Your loyal support is responsible for making all this happen.

From all of us at Save the Chimps, we wish you the very best in 2016!

  • In May, Iris, a 32 year old chimpanzee, was welcomed at Save the Chimps. We are honored to have her with us! Iris has adjusted well to Sanctuary life, meeting new friends, and exploring the island. She loves to climb to the top of the tall poles on the island, where she must have quite a view!
  • On Chimpentine's Day the islands were enriched with strawberries and other delicious treats and decorated with hearts and streamers. The chimps had a great time and pant-hoots filled the air as they ventured out for their parties.
  • Our first annual Chimpathon was a success with 563 registrants, 107 amazing volunteers, 35 sponsors, 5 dedicated volunteer committee members, and $32,000 in net proceeds all to benefit the chimps! Hope you'll join us on April 17th, 2016 for our second Chimpathon. Register at
  • In early April we were honored to have Dr. Jane Goodall visit Save the Chimps. Dr. Goodall's work has been an inspiration to all of us at Save the Chimps so the excitement of her visit was felt throughout the Sanctuary. It was a day we will forever cherish. Photo: Executive Director Molly Polidoroff and Dr. Jane Goodall
  • Our hearts broke as we bid farewell to our beloved Renquist, known affectionately as Ren. We greatly miss this striking chimpanzee, but we are comforted knowing that Renquist spent most of his life in sanctuary, was loved so deeply, and enjoyed his final years to the fullest. Renquist, Member of Freddy's Family, 1991-2015
  • The Sponsor-a-Party campaign was launched along with a new holiday – Chimpo De Mayo! All thirteen parties were generously sponsored and the chimps had a great time, complete with pinatas and maracas!
  • Thanks to he extraordinary generosity of Laurie and Carlee McGrath, "A great friend of Cheetah", and countless others, construction of our Special Needs Facility was completed, including six outdoor play yards for the chimps to enjoy.
  • Another great reason to celebrate - Chimpendence Day! Thanks to everyone who sponsored a party. The chimps had a blast!
  • It's never easy saying goodbye to a dear friend. Our beloved Shane passed away in June of kidney failure. Shane was a remarkable chimpanzee who forged deep bonds with both his chimpanzee family and his human caregivers. Shane, Member of Rufus's Family, 1985-2015
  • Save the Chimps sadly lost a very special old lady, Gertrude, to heart failure at the estimated age of 42. Gertie never sought attention from humans. She preferred to keep quietly to herself, and focused her energies on her chimpanzee friends and family. Gertrude, Member of Kiley's Family, 1991-2015
  • JR was diagnosed with a potentially fatal atrial fibrillation. Our senior veterinarian implanted a wireless cardiac monitor under the skin just above his heart which allowed her to record his ECG over six months. With the help of Dr. Ted Friehling, human electrophysiology cardiologist, they were able to reach the diagnosis. JR is responding very well to treatment and thriving in his outdoor play yard.
  • Henrietta has surprised everyone at Save the Chimps by adopting a baby-doll. She finally has a chance to express her nurturing and maternal nature. She carries it with her everywhere she goes and cares for it as a mother would.
  • The chimps celebrated Banana-Lovers-Day thanks to the outpouring of support in sponsorships for a banana-bonanza!
  • Your support has transformed the lives of hundreds of chimpanzees. Bananaversary is the celebration of the anniversary of the rescue of 266 chimpanzees from the Coulston Foundation. Save the Chimps has celebrated 13 Bananaversaries! You’ve made an incredible difference in their lives, and given us and them a reason to celebrate.
  • A new day for chimpanzees - on September 14th 2015 United States Fish & Wildlife Service designated all chimpanzees both captive and wild as members of an endangered species, including captive chimps in the United States.
  • Walden, a member of Bobby's family, began to make great strides, working up the courage to go outside after 5 years of opting to stay indoors. It may take time but providing choices, companionship, and loving care can heal even the most traumatized chimpanzee. "All they need is a chance..." Dr. Carole Noon, Founder of Save the Chimps
  • Save the Chimps released its first calendar featuring our beloved residents, historic dates, and upcoming events. You can purchase one today at
  • Thank you to the sponsors of Great Apes Giving Day for inviting Save the Chimps to participate in this special day dedicated to raising awareness and individual giving in support of great apes in sanctuaries. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our supporters, we surpassed our goal and raised nearly $53,000. These donations equate to one year of complete care for three chimpanzees.
  • This past fall, we had the pleasure of welcoming 8-year-old Lisa Marie to the sanctuary. This petite, charming “little princess” (as we call her), captured our hearts immediately. Lisa Marie has already made new friends and has many good years ahead of her.
  • Over 800 members toured the Sanctuary in 2015. Member Day is an opportunity to witness your support first-hand and meet our beloved residents who will put a smile on your face. We hope you will visit us in 2016!
  • The chimps celebrated Chimpoween with lots of pumpkins and treats – no tricks. Thank you to everyone who sponsored a party and to the many local pumpkin patches who donated hundreds of pumpkins for the chimpanzees to enjoy!
  • Thank you to our co-chairs, sponsors, volunteers, and supporters for making our 7th annual Chimps Kitchen an evening to remember. We raised $56,000 in net proceeds all to benefit our beloved chimpanzees!
  • Your ongoing support is transforming the lives of the chimpanzees we serve. Your generosity in 2015 made a tremendous difference for the more than 250 chimpanzees in our care. Thank you.
  • Your ongoing support is transforming the lives of the chimpanzees we serve. Your generosity in 2015 made a tremendous difference for the more than 250 chimpanzees in our care. Thank you.