Meet Some of our Volunteers

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the same can be said for caring for the chimpanzees. Save the Chimps’ group of dedicated volunteers are devoted to providing the chimpanzees with love, enrichment, and care.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They are former managing directors, nurses, accountants, authors, boat captains… some even went to mermaid camp! Although their backgrounds are diverse, the common thread they all share is their love for the chimpanzees.

Since the relaunching of the volunteer program, volunteers have logged over 27,000 hours for the organization. This is equivalent to 5 full-time employees!

Who are these amazing people? Read their quotes to get a window into their hearts.

Angela G. - 1

“Volunteering gives me a purpose.”

Angela G.
Volunteer since 2014

Donna S.

“Everybody has to eat!”

Donna S.
Volunteer since 2014

Ellen F. - 1

“I enjoy being able to be part of this organization that does so much for the chimps.”

Ellen F.
Volunteer since 2014

Larry R. - 2 - Copy

“My favorite tasks are tabling events and speaking to groups about the sanctuary and my volunteer experiences.”

Larry R.
Volunteer since 2013

Maggie S.

“They deserve our love!”

Maggie S.
Volunteer since 2015

Misty Suzanne - Copy

“Volunteering for the chimps is one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. It brings us love and humanity.”

Misty & Suzanne
Volunteers since 2014

Sandy H. - 2

“There is nothing more satisfying…..anything we do for these awesome chimps is appreciated and we enjoy every minute we are able to make raisin boards, count bananas, fill tennis balls or whatever. Thank you for allowing us to come and enjoy this experience. “Best of all being able to play with the chimps.”

Sandy H.
Volunteer since 2013

Scott J.

“I never met Carole, but what she accomplished, is the true meaning of awesomeness.”

Scott J.
Volunteer since 2014

Suzanne W.

“I Love helping with meals.”

Suzanne W.
Volunteer since 2013


“I love the chimps.”

Tacie A.
Volunteer since 2013

Volunteer Tammy

“I volunteer over the Christmas holidays to bring some joy and meaning to the holiday season.”

Tammy W.
Volunteer since 2013

Wendy B.M. (2)

“The first time I visited Save the Chimps one member day and had the opportunity to walk the sanctuary and hear the sounds of the chimpanzees — their pant hoots and exuberant vocalizations — and learn the stories of each individual chimp, I knew I wanted to be a part of the healing begun by Dr. Carole Noon when she rescued many of these chimps — of rectifying what had been done to these amazing non-human persons and what their lives had been like before coming to the Sanctuary of STC.”

Wendy M.
Volunteer since 2014


In Loving Memory

We honor the memory of Marty who loved volunteering and supporting the chimps.

Marty enjoyed preparing food for the chimps and working with the staff in the kitchen. He is deeply missed by the staff and chimpanzees.

Marty F.

Jim Aadland

Jim was a valued volunteer and friend to the humans and chimpanzees at Save the Chimps. He is dearly missed.

Jim A.

Mitchell C. Mitchell always had a smile and was willing to lend a helping hand. We regret only having known him a short time. He will be missed.

Mitchell C.