Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities

Caring for nearly 240 chimpanzees is a 365 day a year job, and wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of volunteers who offer their time and talents to help fulfill our mission. Whether you help at our sanctuary located in Fort Pierce, Florida, in your community, or from your home, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of the nearly 250 chimpanzees in our care.

Join the more than 100 volunteers who are helping to enrich the lives of the chimpanzees.

There’s always plenty to do. Here are a few ways you could help:


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Prepare Meals

Chimpanzees have big appetites and our volunteers help with the enormous task of preparing meals for our residents. All of the chimps eat three nutritious meals per day of fresh fruits and vegetables. Variety is the spice of life so the menu changes daily.


Create Enrichment

Save the Chimps enriches the chimpanzees’ lives lives by  promoting physical activity, mental stimulation, and play to enhance the chimpanzees’ well-being. Creating enrichment can include making puzzles and devices that require problem solving, or novel objects that pique the chimpanzees’ curiosity.

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Office Duties

Save the Chimps’ development department always needs assistance with data entry, preparing promotional materials and mailings, filing, and even shredding the paper. Some of the chimps love shredded paper to nest in!

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Spread the Word

We depend on volunteers to help give presentations about our work to schools and local civic and community groups. Volunteers offer a unique perspective and sharing information about the sanctuary and needs of Save the Chimps provides us with invaluable support.


Group Projects

Groups of volunteers from businesses, clubs, and schools work on a variety of projects that can be done on- or off-site. These projects include everything from painting the chimpanzees’ buildings to making “chimpiñatas” out of paper mâché for our chimpanzee residents. There are always plenty of projects to enjoy! Learn how to create chimpiñatas with this video.

Care for the Grounds

Maintaining the 150-acre sanctuary requires hard work. Volunteers assist our maintenance team to help keep our grounds clean and beautiful.


We’re always happy to welcome new volunteers.  Submit your application today.