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Your donation helps provide care for the nearly 240 chimpanzees with:

  • three daily meals of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • first-rate medical care
  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

Donated funds:

  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

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Pant-Hoot and Hunker Down

Each time a hurricane threatens Florida, the question on many of our supporters’ minds is “What about the chimps?” It’s still too early to tell exactly where Hurricane Dorian will make landfall, so we are preparing for a direct hit, just in case. The sanctuary was built with hurricanes in mind. The chimps’ indoor living areas are built to withstand hurricanes. When a hurricane threatens, the chimps are all locked indoors for their safety and comfort, with plenty of nesting material and enrichment. Extra food, water, and other supplies are stocked. Select staff members, known as the ride-out crew, remain onsite for the duration of the storm to provide care to the chimps. We have been through several hurricanes in the past, resulting in only minor damage and the chimps were not bothered by the storms at all.

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