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November Chimp Champs: Jody West & Bill Sokol

Congratulations Jody West & Bill Sokol


Jody Bill


Save the Chimps celebrates their newest Chimp Champs  Jody West & Bill Sokol for not only running the New York City Marathon but for also raising nearly $2,500 to sponsor a chimps migration to Florida!!!
“Bill & I had a lot of fun running the NYC Marathon. I finished the course in 3 hours and 46 minutes. That was a full 35 minutes faster than the last marathon I ran a couple of years ago.
Your support was just the motivation we needed. Thanks to your help, we’ve managed to raise $2,266.07 so far for Save the Chimps. I think there are still a few donations yet to come. In the end, I believe our final fundraising total should be over $2,500.
The grand total raised for charities through this year’s NYC Marathon was $34 million – you played your part in making that a reality”
~ Jody West
Thank you Jody and Bill for your tremendous efforts on behalf of Save the Chimps.  You should be very proud!!