The chimps we've loved and lost

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At Save the Chimps, we are heartbroken when one of our chimpanzee friends passes away. Losing a chimpanzee is like losing both a good friend and a family member. Each has an extraordinary and unique personality and each will be missed both by their chimpanzee family and their human family – the staff, volunteers, and loving supporters of Save the Chimps. It is important to us to honor each chimpanzee who passes away with an individualized tribute. Announcing the loss of one of our residents is not immediate because it takes us time to mourn and put to words the life, memories, and personalities of each individual. Here you can find tributes to our beloved friends who live forever in our hearts.

Over the years, we have developed a ritual to honor and say goodbye to a chimpanzee who has passed away. The chimpanzees themselves are very much a part of that ritual. To learn more please visit our photo series: “A Time to Weep, a Time to Laugh, a Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance”








Linda the 2nd



Sir Connor