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  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

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  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

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Hurricane Irma Update

  • Chris Scott and Mark Norton track the storm. Early in the week it looked possible that we would receive a direct hit.
  • Volunteer Jenny, made extra Gatorade to have on hand for chimpanzees who require it.
  • Volunteers also made extra enrichment to keep the chimps busy during the storm.
  • Extra supplies, including food, were delivered.
  • An emergency meeting was held to update staff on the storm procedures.
  • Our hard-working maintenance team boarded up the kitchen and offices.
  • Our hard-working maintenance team boarded up the kitchen and offices.
  • Extra primate chow was delivered to have supplies to last through and after the storm.
  • The ride-out crew stayed at the Sanctuary during the storm to care for the chimps.
  • The ride-out crew after the storm.
  • The recovery team arrived at the Sanctuary after the storm passed and the all clear was given that it was safe to drive to the Sanctuary.
  • The recovery crew heading out to feed the chimps.
  • The Sanctuary has a lot of debris to be cleared including downed trees and limbs.
  • After some repairs to the saloon platform, Jaybee was happy to be back at his favorite spot on the island.
  • Metal from the upper wall of the land bridge were blown off. They do need repair but thankfully it did not prevent us from being able to let the chimps out once islands were inspected.
  • Areas that received flooding did not impact buildings.
  • The water treatment plant generator kicked on automatically when the power went out, providing fresh water to the chimps. Our maintenance team inspected it to find that it was fully functioning.
  • Our chimpanzee residents were happy to go back onto their islands after they were inspected for damage.
  • Phoenix
  • Kiley enjoying blue skies again!
  • Pumpkin
  • A variety of wildlife was spotted wandering the Sanctuary after the storm including walking catfish, turtles, frogs, and many birds.