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Your donation helps provide care for the nearly 240 chimpanzees with:

  • three daily meals of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • first-rate medical care
  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

Donated funds:

  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

Ways to Give:

Fundraising Toolkit for Save the Chimps!

Giving Day for Apes is a 24-hour event where sanctuaries & rescue centers from Africa, Asia, and North America raise money. It’s an opportunity for animal advocates like you to get involved in raising awareness and funds for Save the Chimps by creating your own fundraising page!

This year our goal is to raise $60,000 to put toward new climbing structures on Seve’s island. You may find yourself asking, “why platform structures?” Vertical space is essential for chimpanzees. The presence of three-dimensional climbing structures in the living environment of captive chimpanzees can emulate the lifestyle that they would experience in the wild.

New platform structures at Save the Chimps can help to enrich the lives of the chimpanzees in our care, providing them with shade from the sun’s rays when desired, places to climb, and the opportunity to enjoy each other and new experiences. With your help, the sanctuary can give more resident chimps access to such an incredible space!

This toolkit will provide all the information you need to get started, and templates, checklists, and resources to make fundraising easy!

How Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Works

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a fundraising technique where an organization’s supporters start their own fundraising page and ask their friends, family, and social network to donate to their page in support of Giving Day for Apes. It’s an easy and free way to help Save the Chimps raise money, while helping more people learn about our work.

Giving Day for Apes also has sponsored prizes, awarded to the sanctuaries who have the top three Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers.That means that signing up to be a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser can help Save the Chimps win prize money!

You’ll also be helping us reach our goal of $60,000 to put toward new climbing structures on Seve’s island!

What you have to do

All you need to do is build a page (we have the steps involved in that below), build a fundraising page, and share the link to your page with your social network between September 14th – October 13th to ask for donations.

Signing up in 5 easy steps:

  1. Visit Save the Chimps’ fundraising page and click the fundraise button at the top
  2. Create an account on the Mightycause platform (or login if you already have one)
  3. Start building your fundraiser – there are resources such as graphics and sample text below if you’d like to utilize them
  4. Be sure to note on the top of your page that it is supporting the 2020 Giving Day for Apes.
  5. PUBLISH! ✨

Resources for Creating Your Fundraiser





Cover Images 📷

Your cover image is the “face” of your fundraiser. If you have a personal photo that works well in that spot, use that! Making your fundraiser as personal as possible is important. But if you don’t have a photo that makes sense, here are some you can use featuring the residents who you are raising money for!

Download Image of Seve

Download Image of Seve and Family

Download Image of JR in Primadome

Download Image of Yvette

Writing your story ✍️

Your story on your fundraiser should be personal — those types of fundraisers do best! It’s a great place to talk about your connection to this cause, how you learned about the work of Save the Chimps, your connection to chimps or sanctuary. (If you’re a volunteer or have visited the sanctuary, this is the perfect place to tell that story!) The more specific to you, the better! But if you’d like a story to start you off, here’s something you can copy-and-paste or use for inspiration. Select the text below and press CNTRL + C or right-click & select copy and then paste in the About section of your fundraiser and fill in the blanks:

I’m fundraising for Save the Chimps for the 2020 Giving Day for Apes! Giving Day for Apes is a 24-hour event on October 13th event that raises money and awareness for ape welfare. This year, starting on September 14th, I’m hoping to raise at least $XXX for Save the Chimps. Please join me in making a donation to support this important cause and help Save the Chimps reach their goal and build new island climbing structures for their chimpanzee residents!

If you can add some personal details, great! If not, this little bit of text is enough.

Set your goal

How much you can raise depends on a lot of things, like how big your social network is and how much they have to give. So, use your best judgement, but setting your goal at $500 is a great starting place. (You can update your goal at any time, so if things are going really well, you can set a stretch goal once you hit $500 and keep going!)


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our more than 200 chimpanzee residents!

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