Feeding the Chimps

Feeding the Chimps | Watch Chimps Eat | What is Monkey Chow | Enrichment

We love feeding chimpanzees. We do it 365 days a year, rain or shine, during hurricanes, cold fronts, and heat waves. We love watching chimps eat, and we know you do to, whether it’s Tootie chomping his tomato or Clay enjoying his watermelon. To celebrate all things food and chimp, we dedicate a space just to this.

The Menu

Our residents enjoy an ever-changing menu of healthy produce. Their balanced-diet consists of vegetables, leafy greens, fruit, and a nutritionally complete biscuit referred to as monkey chow.

Here’s a sample of what a typical one-week menu looks like for a male chimp:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Mango, pear, banana, tomato, cucumber, 2 scoops chow Avocado, peach, banana, carrot, corn, 2 scoops chow Honeydew, orange, banana, pepper, green onions, 2 scoops chow Lemon, pear, banana, eggplant, broccolini, 2 scoops chow Apple, orange, banana, pepper, corn, 2 scoops chow Watermelon, pear, banana, cucumber, mushroom, 2 scoops chow Apple, banana, nectarine, carrot, beet, 2 scoops chow
Lunch Mango, pear, cucumber, onion, eggplant, red leaf Avocado, peach, corn, celery, yellow onion, bok choy Honeydew, orange, green onions, tomato, cucumber, cabbage Lemon, pear, broccolini, carrot,celery, kale Apple, orange, corn, leeks, tomato, green leaf Watermelon, pear, mushroom, pepper, red onion, mustard greens Nectarine, apple, celery, green onions, carrot, romaine
Dinner Banana, white onion,eggplant, tomato, bok choy, 2 scoops chow Banana, celery, yellow onion, carrot, red leaf, 2 scoops chow Banana, tomato, cucumber, pepper, kale, 2 scoops chow Banana, carrot, celery, tomato, bok choy, 2 scoops chow Banana, white onion, eggplant, tomato, bok choy, 2 scoops chow Banana, white onion, eggplant, tomato, bok choy, 2 scoops chow Banana, white onion, eggplant, tomato, bok choy,2 scoops chow

How You Can Help

There’s no greater joy for a chimp than when they are handed their favorite food. When our care staff arrive with meals, the chimps erupt in a chorus of happy food-grunts and pant-hoots. Donate toward some of our residents favorite meals below!

Clay’s Watermelon

We wouldn’t want to hear our fellow humans slurping up their watermelon, but somehow when Clay does it, we feel the need to watch it on repeat.
Donate watermelon to Clay and our other residents (everyone loves watermelon!) 

Tootie’s tomatoes

Is there anything cuter than Tootie eating a tomato? We think not.
Donate tomatoes to Tootie and his family.

Lisa Marie’s corn

Just look at that double-fisted, crossed-arm, corn-eating technique. We think you should try that at home.
Donate corn to Lisa Marie and her family.

Luke’s Bananas

Do you know anyone who thinks they are so good-looking, they are constantly looking in the mirror? We do! Here’s Luke checking out how handsome he is while eating bananas. He is quite handsome so who could blame him? Donate bananas to Luke and friends. 

Abdul’s Kale

Super-food for a super-chimp! The chimps nutritional plan has introduced more leafy greens into their diet and luckily – they love them! Greens are low in sugar, high in fiber, and contain moderate to high protein. Donate kale to Abdul and friends. 

Allie’s Lemons

The lemon challenge, a game where you try to eat a lemon without making a face, is no challenge for Allie. Just look at how casually she can eat a sour lemon without making a face. Lemons are often served as a meal item here at Save the Chimps. Donate lemons to Allie.

Feeding the Chimps | Watch Chimps Eat | What is Monkey Chow | Enrichment