Donate Hello my name is


Age 37
Birthday 6/4/1982
Rescued From Small Zoo

Member of
Special Needs

My Personality

  • Silly
  • Playful
  • Friendly

My Favorite Things

  • My chimpanzee family
  • My Caregivers
  • Enrichment
  • Painting
  • Parties
  • Food

My Videos

Here is Tootie playing with one of the first friends he made here at Save the Chimps. Sadly, Garrey passed away in 2018. Tootie still lives in a small group with his other friends including Geraldine, Millie, and Walden.

Here is a short clip of Tootie playing with Timmy.


Click for photos of Tootie

My History

I came to Save the Chimps in 2016 from a private owner. I quickly made an impression on our staff and chimps alike with my non-stop desire to play! I quickly made friends in a small family group of Walden, Garrey, Millie, and Geraldine. Always a bright spot in everyone’s day, I am known for demanding the attention of anyone and everyone within my field of view for a play session. I even convince Millie, a sweet but quiet and shy female in my group, to have gentle play sessions with me.

There’s no denying that I also likes drama! I tend to get involved in even the smallest disagreements and sometimes even seem to intentionally get my neighbors a little worked up! But I’m so lovable that no one can stay mad at me for long.

Although I am lean and healthy, I am very food motivated and will eat just about anything I’m offered! I love getting new enrichment items that contain food. When I’m not eating or playing, I like to create masterpieces with non toxic paint. I am just as unique and charming as each of my paintings.