Donate Hello my name is


Age 27
Birthday 7/9/1993
Rescued From Research

Member of
Seve’s Family

I am a Cancer.

My Personality

  • Free spirited
  • Playful
  • Strong willed
  • Mediator

I am a complicated individual and have some special needs. I suffer from PTSD from years in research, and the staff helps to ease my burden. They respect my inability to be in a confined space and my love of the beautiful outdoors. I get along great with my big family and especially love spending time with the other males in my group.

My Favorite Things

  • Oatmeal with raisins
  • Oranges – I can never have too many oranges!
  • Being outside on my island

My Video

Watch Seve and his family step outside of concrete and steel, many for the first time in their lives, as they are released onto their island home at Save the Chimps.


My News Stories

Click here to read the article Psychological Distress in Chimpanzees Rescued From Laboratories featured in JOURNAL OF TRAUMA & DISSOCIATION · APRIL 2015


Click for photos of Seve

My History

I was born on July 9, 1993 at the Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, New Mexico, a notorious laboratory with extensive Animal Welfare violations. Most baby chimps were taken from their mothers immediately at birth to be raised in the nursery, but I was allowed to be with my mother for two years. This likely made our separation even more traumatic, as we had time to develop a deep, loving bond. I was used in multiple experiments in several labs undergoing countless sedations, bloodwork, and biopsies. During these studies I had severe allergic reactions, anesthetic complications, and a part of my liver was removed. Six years into the research I started self-mutilating that manifested years later as PTSD. After 9 years of treatment and healing, I have finally found peace.

I have a very unique personality. My group, Seve’s family, is named after me. At the core of this group is a pack of strong, young males, of which I am “one of the boys.” It is rare to see me alone – I stick very closely to my friends. We all roam our island together, eat together, and play together. I have an insatiable appetite (especially for oranges – my absolute favorite!), probably to compensate for the fact that I am constantly moving. Even when I’m sitting down, I am always bobbing my head or tapping on my feet with my hands. I also like to carry hard plastic toys around and tap them on benches and platforms. It’s nearly impossible to get a picture of me because I practically vibrate from all my activity.

Though I am happy and healthy now, my PTSD still occasionally affects me. Every now and then I start screaming and no one knows what seems to trigger it. Once I get reassurance from one of my close friends, I always calm down. Usually Yvette, the matriarch of my family, comes to my side to help. I also sometimes get upset if my friends Logan and Hunter aren’t close by, but they come back to reassure me when I can’t find them. My friends are so supportive that they always come to me when I’m upset, so I don’t have to go find them. Everyone seems to understand my special needs, and I am very well-liked and respected in my family group. No one seems to think twice about giving me the extra care I need – they love me for who I am.

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