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Age 26
Birthday 3/16/1995
Rescued From Research

Member of
Bobby’s Family

I am an Aquarius.

My Personality

  • Rambunctious
  • Spunky
  • Lovable

My Favorite Things

  • Apples
  • Boots
  • Playing


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My History

I was born at the Coulston Foundation on March 16, 1995, to mother Emily and father Ted.  I was taken from my mother and raised in a nursery.  I was used as a biomedical research subject at an extraordinarily young age, just seven months old.  As I grew, I developed a terrible skin condition of unknown origin.  My mouth, eyes, and bottom were constantly red, cracked, and raw, and I itched terribly.  Despite my condition, I was repeatedly used in biomedical research studies.

In 2002, all that came to an end when I was rescued by Save the Chimps.  They found me living alone, and terribly uncomfortable because of my skin.  Today, thanks to the persistence and diligent efforts of the veterinarian, my skin is healthy and troubles me no more!  I am one of the leaders of a large family of chimpanzees living on an island at our sanctuary in Florida, where I get to run, jump, and play to my heart’s content.

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