Adopt Hello my name is

Lisa Marie

Age 13
Birthday 1/8/07
Rescued From Entertainment

Member of
Kiley’s Family

I am a Capricorn.

My Personality

  • Sweet
  • Feisty
  • Friendly
  • Rambunctious

My Favorite Things

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Plastic Toys
  • Jam
  • Keys
  • Soft, extra fluffy fleece blankets

More About Me

  • I give Jaybee the food I don’t want.
  • I love hugging Ariel.
  • I love playing with Kiley.
  • My bottom canine baby teeth came out and my adult teeth are coming in.
  • I like to watch movies about chimps.
  • If I want more of something I clap my hands or click my teeth.
  • I pat myself when I really like something.
  • I love looking at magazines.
  • I love to wrap up in a sheet like my good-friend Jaybee.

My Updates

Tootie Meets Lisa Marie and Falls Head Over Heels! (Do you blame him?)

My New Family

Lisa Marie
Click for photos of Lisa Marie

My History

I am a petite and delicate chimp. I was taken from my mother at a young age to work in entertainment in Chicago. I was eight years old when Save the Chimps took me into their care and I went on an 18-hour trip to Florida. I was rambunctious on the long ride to Florida, throwing my toys and jumping around my cage. Once the sun went down, I settled into a nest of blankets and slept for the rest of the journey.

Once I arrived there were a lot of people to greet me, they were welcoming me and telling me how beautiful I am. I was very brave on my first day in Florida. I was not afraid of the big chimps in the play yards next to mine. I quickly explored my play yard, climbed to the top and took a nap in the sun. It felt wonderful.

After my health check-ups I moved to a building they call “Kiley’s building”. There are 19 chimpanzees in that building and at first I was scared of the loud noise and commotion. Soon, they settled down and I began interacting with them through the safety of the mesh. It was time for me to meet Kiley. They opened the doors between us and I discovered that she is sweet and friendly just like me. Kiley and I played, laughed, and groomed. Next I met Jaybee and Ariel. We immediately built strong bonds of friendship. I’m happy living with other chimpanzees and love spending my days playing and grooming. Now I live with a large family group. A new chimp, Tootie, is being introduced into the group. I’m enjoying teaching him the ropes of living with a chimp family and we have great play sessions!

Adopt sweet Lisa Marie!