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Jude the 2nd

Age 18
Birthday 1/28/2003
Rescued From

Member of
Tanya’s Family

I am an Aquarius.

My Personality

  • Energetic
  • Clever
  • Rowdy
  • Sweet

My Favorite Things

  • Blankets
  • Enrichment
  • Exercise Balls

My Videos

Jude the 2nd

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My History

I was born January 28, 2003 to my mother Gogi and father Garfield. I was born at Save the Chimps due to a failed vasectomy. As a Sanctuary, Save the Chimps attempts to prevent reproduction among the chimps, but sometimes nature finds a way despite their best efforts!


Both my mother and father were former Air Force chimpanzees who were among the first 21 chimpanzees retired at Save the Chimps. Gogi, who was born in Africa, was a wonderful mother and carefully nurtured me until her death in 2012. As a result, I am a confident young chimpanzee who shares my mother’s kindness and my father’s energy and charm.


Today, I am a member of Tanya’s Family. My closest friend is Debbie, an elderly female who took me under her wing when my mom passed away. I am also good friends with Gabe, who, like me, was a “whoopsie-baby” born at Save the Chimps. I prefer to spend my days running and climbing on my island home, but every once in a while I will settle down to paint!

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