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Age 36
Birthday 9/21/1982
Rescued From Small Zoo

Member of
Special Needs

I am a Virgo.

My Personality

  • Reserved
  • Secretive
  • Mellow

My Favorite Things

  • Big fluffy blankets
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Chimpanzees


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My History

I arrived safe and sound at Save the Chimps the night of March 3, 2015. I’m from a small zoo where I was the only chimpanzee resident. I had once lived with other chimpanzees, including my late mother, but had not seen another chimpanzee in recent years.

I am a chimps’ chimp! I don’t pay much attention to humans but I am very interactive with other chimps. I took a special liking to one of my neighbors, Abdul, and we were introduced to each other. I greeted Abdul with a kiss, and he immediately started to groom me. I am happy to have the friendship of another chimpanzee again.

I am starting to meet other chimps. I’m a little nervous sometimes, but slowly and surely I am making new friends. I also had a chance to explore an island which I very much enjoy. I am often on the far end of the island or on one of the platforms enjoying the warm Florida sun. I love thick cozy blankets. I’m told that I make the best nests at the sanctuary.
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