Donate Hello my name is


Age 32
Birthday 10/29/86
Rescued From Research

Member of
Special Needs

My Personality

  • Silly
  • Caring
  • Protector
  • Commanding
  • Sweet

 My Favorite things

  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Plastic toys



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My History

I was born on into laboratory research at the Coulston Foundation on October 29, 1986. My father was Bubba, one of the nicest chimpanzees that Save the Chimps (STC) has ever known. My mother is Gail, a lovely chimp who is a member of Ron’s Family here at STC.

Like so many others, I was taken from my mom when I was only one week old and placed in the Coulston “nursery.” I suffered from intermittent fevers and diarrhea for the whole first year of my life. When I was 1-1/2 years old, I was used in my first study and placed alone in isolation for over a year. Over the course of the next eight years, I was used in multiple studies, injected with unknown substances, and subjected to countless liver biopsies, blood samples and urine sampling through a urinary catheter.

I was finally rescued when STC took over the Coulston facility in 2002. Despite all that was done to me, I am a happy, friendly chimp. Because of my good nature, I was introduced into Bobby’s Family because, at the time, Bobby had severe psychological issues and needed to be part of a family that was stress free. Bobby and I bonded immediately and began grooming each other right away.

In 2014, I suffered from debilitating disc herniation in my back and had to be separate from my large family for my own safety. I’m back on my feet, but still require special care, so I live in the Special Needs building with a smaller group of “special needs” chimps, including Millie, who absolutely adores me!  Despite my recent health issues, I’m still the generous, jovial and happy guy that I’ve always been.

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