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Age 26
Birthday 9/11/1994
Rescued From Research

Member of
Late’s Family

My Personality

  • Sweet
  • Feisty
  • Melodramatic

 My Favorite Things

  • My best friends, Tyra and Wally
  • Leeks
  • Strawberries



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I was born September 11, 1994 at The Coulston Foundation, a lab in New Mexico, to my mother Nova and father Bubba. I was taken from my mother two days after birth, and raised by humans in the laboratory nursery. When I was just three years old, I was shipped to Bioqual, a lab in Maryland. There my records stop. At some point I was transferred to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Fortunately, neither lab today has chimpanzees, but both labs were known for housing their chimps in isolation.

I spent most of my life alone, until Save the Chimps rescued me in 2006. Today I am a member of Late’s Group, and live with a large chimpanzee family on an island in Florida. I love the outdoors and love to hide out on the island with my BFF Tyra. I am a spirited, intelligent chimp who is playful and very melodramatic!

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