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Age 35
Birthday 9/4/85
Rescued From Research

Member of
Alice’s Family

I am a Virgo.

My Personality

  • Lovable
  • Feisty
  • Flirty
  • Happy

My Favorite Things

  • Fruit Juice
  • Primate Chow
  • Dried Fruit

My Biggest Fan Thinks

“I think she is just too cute. She is picky as to who she likes but once she has a crush you better give this girl attention. She may be tiny but don’t let that fool you.”

Heather GraybushHeather Graybush
Team member since 2005


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My History

I was born in a research lab on September 4 1985 to my mother Negra and father Tarzan. I was used in my first biomedical research study at a mere 17 months old, and had 8 liver biopsies before I turned 2. More studies and biopsies were to follow, but all this stopped in 2002 when nice people showed up and told me I was “rescued”.

I love sanctuary life and despite all the pain I’ve been through I have a sunny attitude. I love to be outside in the Florida sun and am usually the first one out the door after a meal.

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