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Who doesn’t love a party?
Well, the chimps are no exception.

Save the Chimps enriches the chimpanzees’ lives to promote physical activity, mental stimulation, and play – all to improve the chimpanzees’ well-being. When most people think of “enrichment,” they think of puzzles and devices that require problem solving, or novel objects that pique the chimpanzees’ curiosity. However, enrichment includes everything from the friendship of other chimpanzees to the climbing structures on the chimpanzees’ islands, from interaction with loving caregivers to the excitement of a holiday party.

Here at Save the Chimps, the chimpanzees celebrate birthdays and holidays with colorful streamers, special treats, and other themed and exciting enrichment. Our dedicated volunteers and staff love nothing more than putting on a good party for the chimpanzees to enjoy – each with it’s own distinct flair!

Sponsor a party or as many as you you’d like…the chimps can never have too many!

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De Mayo Recipe Card

  • Mona

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Chimpendence Recipe Card

  • Phoenix

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Bananaversary Recipe Card

  • Garrey

*Click here to learn about the rescue of the 266 chimpanzees from the Coulston Foundation.

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Chimpoween Recipe Card copy

  • Gabe

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Chimpmas Recipe Card copy

  • Ace

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Recipe Card Chimpentine's Day

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Specific party enrichment may vary depending on family groups, individual allergies and dietary restrictions, and availability of items.

Save the Chimps does not dress or clothe chimpanzees for photography or other purposes. We do provide hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, and other articles of clothing for the chimpanzees to play or nest with. Some of our chimps have grown up wearing these items and may choose to put them on themselves; other chimps may have simply learned to wear hats, sunglasses, or clothing just by observing humans. It’s up to the chimpanzees to decide what to do with these objects—they have the freedom to play with them as they wish!

Just like humans, they enjoy  treats during the holidays—such as candy canes on Chimpmas or candy hearts at Chimpentine’s. The chimpanzees are not given candy on a daily basis—only on these very special occasions.