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Your donation helps provide care for the nearly 240 chimpanzees with:

  • three daily meals of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • first-rate medical care
  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

Donated funds:

  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

Ways to Give:

Fundraising Toolkit for Save the Chimps!

Giving Day for Apes is a 24-hour event where sanctuaries & rescue centers from Africa, Asia, and North America raise money. It’s an opportunity for animal advocates like you to get involved in raising awareness and funds for Save the Chimps by creating your own fundraising page!

This year our goal is to raise $60,000 to put toward new climbing structures on Seve’s island. You may find yourself asking, “why platform structures?” Vertical space is essential for chimpanzees. The presence of three-dimensional climbing structures in the living environment of captive chimpanzees can emulate the lifestyle that they would experience in the wild.

New platform structures at Save the Chimps can help to enrich the lives of the chimpanzees in our care, providing them with shade from the sun’s rays when desired, places to climb, and the opportunity to enjoy each other and new experiences. With your help, the sanctuary can give more resident chimps access to such an incredible space!

This toolkit will provide all the information you need to get started, and templates, checklists, and resources to make fundraising easy!

How Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Works

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a fundraising technique where an organization’s supporters start their own fundraising page and ask their friends, family, and social network to donate to their page in support of Giving Day for Apes. It’s an easy and free way to help Save the Chimps raise money, while helping more people learn about our work.

Giving Day for Apes also has sponsored prizes, awarded to the sanctuaries who have the top three Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers.That means that signing up to be a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser can help Save the Chimps win prize money!

You’ll also be helping us reach our goal of $60,000 to put toward new climbing structures on Seve’s island!

What you have to do

All you need to do is build a page (we have the steps involved in that below), build a fundraising page, and share the link to your page with your social network between September 14th – October 13th to ask for donations.

Signing up in 5 easy steps:

  1. Visit Save the Chimps’ fundraising page and click the fundraise button at the top
  2. Create an account on the Mightycause platform (or login if you already have one)
  3. Start building your fundraiser – there are resources such as graphics and sample text below if you’d like to utilize them
  4. Be sure to note on the top of your page that it is supporting the 2020 Giving Day for Apes.
  5. PUBLISH! ✨

Resources for Creating Your Fundraiser





Cover Images 📷

Your cover image is the “face” of your fundraiser. If you have a personal photo that works well in that spot, use that! Making your fundraiser as personal as possible is important. But if you don’t have a photo that makes sense, here are some you can use featuring the residents who you are raising money for!

Download Image of Seve

Download Image of Seve and Family

Download Image of JR in Primadome

Download Image of Yvette

Writing your story ✍️

Your story on your fundraiser should be personal — those types of fundraisers do best! It’s a great place to talk about your connection to this cause, how you learned about the work of Save the Chimps, your connection to chimps or sanctuary. (If you’re a volunteer or have visited the sanctuary, this is the perfect place to tell that story!) The more specific to you, the better! But if you’d like a story to start you off, here’s something you can copy-and-paste or use for inspiration. Select the text below and press CNTRL + C or right-click & select copy and then paste in the About section of your fundraiser and fill in the blanks:

I’m fundraising for Save the Chimps for the 2020 Giving Day for Apes! Giving Day for Apes is a 24-hour event on October 13th event that raises money and awareness for ape welfare. This year, starting on September 14th, I’m hoping to raise at least $XXX for Save the Chimps. Please join me in making a donation to support this important cause and help Save the Chimps reach their goal and build new island climbing structures for their chimpanzee residents!

If you can add some personal details, great! If not, this little bit of text is enough.

Set your goal

How much you can raise depends on a lot of things, like how big your social network is and how much they have to give. So, use your best judgement, but setting your goal at $500 is a great starting place. (You can update your goal at any time, so if things are going really well, you can set a stretch goal once you hit $500 and keep going!)


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our more than 200 chimpanzee residents!

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If you have any questions, contact

In Loving Memory of Little Rock

Little Rock
1969 (estimate) -2020

With great sadness we share the passing of Little Rock, a beloved member of our Save the Chimps family. Little Rock’s origins are a mystery, as is how she acquired her name. Her earliest records are from 1981, but she was already an adult by then. Her birthday is an estimate due to the lack of records of her earlier life. She was most likely born sometime between 1962 and 1969, possibly in the wild in Africa. What we do know is she belonged to a pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania before she was sent to The Coulston Foundation, a research lab in Alamogordo, NM.

During her 20 years at The Coulston Foundation, Little Rock was used both as a breeder and in medical experiments. She had ten children, all of whom were taken from her shortly after birth. For all of those years, Little Rock lived in a steel and concrete cage; she never saw trees or felt the grass under her feet.

Save the Chimps rescued Little Rock in 2002, when The Coulston Foundation went bankrupt and Save the Chimps took custody of their 266 chimpanzees.Little Rock’s new caregiver noticed that she didn’t respond to her name or to sounds and noises like other chimps. Little Rock’s records were thoroughly checked and we found two written notations of her deafness, one recorded in 1998 and one in 2001. There is no information on how long Little Rock had been deaf or what might have caused her hearing loss. Little Rock was so attentive and attuned to her surroundings that it was easy to forget that she was deaf. She always communicated effectively with her human caregivers and other chimps, using gestures and body language as well as vocalizations.

Little Rock lived in a large group of chimps known as “Doug’s Family” and was a beloved member of the group. Together they shared a spacious island home with grass, trees, hills, and platforms. She was a very devoted and loyal chimp. Little Rock was often found with her best friend Tanya, who sadly passed away in 2013. After Tanya’s death, Andrea the Second, the younger of two Andreas in the group, became Little Rock’s new companion, lovingly watching over Little Rock and making sure she was never lonely. Over the years Little Rock also enjoyed friendships with Pepsi, September, Daisy, and Angie.

Although Little Rock was elderly, she had a zest for life. Her determination to overcome adversity and enjoy her retirement to its fullest is something that is easy to admire and remains an inspiration to us all.

Little Rock died from natural causes and will be sorely missed by all who knew her. We find comfort in knowing that she spent the last eighteen years of her life experiencing love and companionship and we thank you, our supporters, for making that possible.

“What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” -Helen Keller

Rest in peace, Little Rock. We will miss you always.


We are Prepared for Hurricane Isaias

Our residents are inside and safe in preparation for possible landfall of Hurricane Isaias in our area in the early hours of Sunday.

When designing the Sanctuary, we knew hurricane evacuation would not be an option. Therefore, the chimpanzees’ spacious indoor enclosures were built to endure the strength of hurricanes with their reinforced concrete and steel design. Normally, the chimpanzees are able to choose whether they would like to be indoors or out, but during a hurricane, they are secured indoors. Thankfully, the chimpanzees are always eager to come inside during severe weather. We provide them with extra blankets and enrichment. A team of staff who we refer to as the ride-out crew are currently onsite to provide care to the chimps during the storm. They will remain onsite until the storm passes. A big shout-out to all of our staff for keeping the chimps safe and well cared for!
Thank you for your concern and your support for our beloved chimpanzee residents.

Happy World Chimpanzee Day



Today is World Chimpanzee Day, a day created to honor and celebrate our closest living relative. July 14 was chosen as World Chimpanzee Day as it marks the anniversary of Dr. Jane Goodall stepping foot in Gombe Stream National Park to study wild chimpanzees in 1960.

Here at Save the Chimps, our mission is to provide exemplary care to chimpanzees in need, and our vision is a world in which chimpanzees are free from exploitation and endangerment. With over 200 chimpanzees on 150-acres, we strive to provide each resident with individualized care to meet their needs and today we would like to introduce you to one of our residents who has benefited from this care – JR.

JR was rescued from a small roadside zoo in June of 2013. It was discovered that he has a cardiac arrhythmia, a condition which requires daily monitoring. Thanks to the dedication of his care and veterinary staff, JR was trained to place his fingers on a Kardia device for mobile EKG readings, which are taken three times each day. Due to his heart condition and some behavioral abnormalities, JR lived in a small group of chimpanzees here at the sanctuary rather than in one of our large chimpanzee families. The decision was made that for his best quality of life, JR be given the opportunity to join Seve’s family, which was home to 17 chimpanzees. A structure attached to Seve’s building, known as the Primadome, allowed staff to gradually introduce him into the family, at a pace that was comfortable for him. Watch this video to learn more about the Primadome and JR’s progress.

JR now enjoys the companionship of Seve’s family as well as the freedom of a 3-acre island. He has choices on how to spend his day, whether he groom with friends, climb to the top of the Primadome, or find a quiet place to relax and bask in the sun on the island, and freedom of choice is what sanctuary life is all about.

Donate in honor of World Chimpanzee Day!

July Birthdays

Who doesn’t love presents?
The chimps do and they  most definitely deserve them!

Visit our wishlist to send goodies for the chimps.
Big pant hoot thank you for your generosity and support!



July 1, 1986



July 3, 1997



July 3, 1993



July 6, 1998



July 7, 1969



July 7, 1987



July 9, 1984



July 9, 1993



July 11, 1998



July 12, 2007

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July 13, 1991



July 20, 2005



July 23, 1996



July 24, 1983



July 24, 1988



July 28, 1989



Time for Summer Fun!

It’s getting hot here in Florida and our residents are ready for some fun in the sun! Help them celebrate with summer-themed items and enrichment from our Amazon Wishlist. Our residents love running through water misters, splashing in tubs, playing with beach toys and bubbles, and searching the island for seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.


Order from our Amazon Wishlist and items will ship directly to us, or shop locally and ship to Save the Chimps, 16891 Carole Noon Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34945.

Thank you for bringing joy to our chimpanzee residents!


Meet Chimp-Champ Reeve Johnston

Take a look at the incredible work of 10-year old Reeve Johnston! Reeve created a school project on chimpanzees and is using his project to raise money for Save the Chimps and the Non-Human Rights Project.


I passionately believe chimpanzees should have the simple rights to bodily liberty and autonomy – just like we do. And I don’t believe they should be cruelly mistreated and treated just like ‘things’. They deserve better than that. Please watch my short video (98% Chimpanzee) and if you would like to donate, half will go to the ‘Non-Human Rights Project’ and the other half to ‘Save the Chimps’ sanctuary in Florida. Thanks, Reeve

Click here to take a look at Reeve’s video and fundraising page:

Get to know more about Reeve:


Thank you — we’ve reached our goal!

It’s the last day of our Board Match, and Marlon hosted an important zoom meeting with his committee. There was much excitement over the big announcement that we have reached our goal! See for yourself; watch the meeting between Marlon, Arthur, Nigida, and Cartier.

As you can see, Marlon raised some excellent points. Donors truly are amazing people. All money raised directly benefits the chimpanzees residing at Save the Chimps, and since we raised $210,000 the Board will now match those dollars! That means with your generous support, we raised $420,000 for the chimpanzees in our care.

Thank you for your support!

All Pledges Matched!

With the present day affected by CoVID-19 and the future uncertain, we know many of you are facing difficult and uncertain times. For those who want to participate in the board match, but can’t because of current circumstances, we’ve created a pledge page that allows you to sign up for a donation amount of your choice, while delaying your donation until World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th. We hope this provides you with time to plan while still showing your unending support for our wonderful sanctuary — and your gift will still be matched!

In fact, all pledges made by Friday, May 15th will be included and matched by our Board of Directors. That means your pledge will count now and help us reach our $210,000 goal!

With just two days remaining and less than $15,000 needed to reach our goal, won’t you please give now or make your pledge now. If—and only if—we can raise the $210,000 and match those dollars with the funds from our Board, we’ll have raised $420,000 that we can use to provide daily care for our resident chimpanzees.

Virtual Field Trip Wednesdays at 9:30am

Join Save the Chimps here for a virtual field trip every Wednesday at 9:30am (EST) — you can access it via our Facebook page or by visiting this page.  Each Wednesday, Dr. Andrew Halloran will take you around the Sanctuary, pointing out what is unique about our facility and what’s so fascinating about our closest cousin, the chimpanzee.  And get to know each of the island’s and their family groups.

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