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  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

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July Birthdays

Who doesn’t love presents?
The chimps do and they  most definitely deserve them!

Visit our wishlist to send goodies for the chimps.
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Time for Summer Fun!

It’s getting hot here in Florida and our residents are ready for some fun in the sun! Help them celebrate with summer-themed items and enrichment from our Amazon Wishlist. Our residents love running through water misters, splashing in tubs, playing with beach toys and bubbles, and searching the island for seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.


Order from our Amazon Wishlist and items will ship directly to us, or shop locally and ship to Save the Chimps, 16891 Carole Noon Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34945.

Thank you for bringing joy to our chimpanzee residents!


Meet Chimp-Champ Reeve Johnston

Take a look at the incredible work of 10-year old Reeve Johnston! Reeve created a school project on chimpanzees and is using his project to raise money for Save the Chimps and the Non-Human Rights Project.


I passionately believe chimpanzees should have the simple rights to bodily liberty and autonomy – just like we do. And I don’t believe they should be cruelly mistreated and treated just like ‘things’. They deserve better than that. Please watch my short video (98% Chimpanzee) and if you would like to donate, half will go to the ‘Non-Human Rights Project’ and the other half to ‘Save the Chimps’ sanctuary in Florida. Thanks, Reeve

Click here to take a look at Reeve’s video and fundraising page:

Get to know more about Reeve:


Thank you — we’ve reached our goal!

It’s the last day of our Board Match, and Marlon hosted an important zoom meeting with his committee. There was much excitement over the big announcement that we have reached our goal! See for yourself; watch the meeting between Marlon, Arthur, Nigida, and Cartier.

As you can see, Marlon raised some excellent points. Donors truly are amazing people. All money raised directly benefits the chimpanzees residing at Save the Chimps, and since we raised $210,000 the Board will now match those dollars! That means with your generous support, we raised $420,000 for the chimpanzees in our care.

Thank you for your support!

All Pledges Matched!

With the present day affected by CoVID-19 and the future uncertain, we know many of you are facing difficult and uncertain times. For those who want to participate in the board match, but can’t because of current circumstances, we’ve created a pledge page that allows you to sign up for a donation amount of your choice, while delaying your donation until World Chimpanzee Day on July 14th. We hope this provides you with time to plan while still showing your unending support for our wonderful sanctuary — and your gift will still be matched!

In fact, all pledges made by Friday, May 15th will be included and matched by our Board of Directors. That means your pledge will count now and help us reach our $210,000 goal!

With just two days remaining and less than $15,000 needed to reach our goal, won’t you please give now or make your pledge now. If—and only if—we can raise the $210,000 and match those dollars with the funds from our Board, we’ll have raised $420,000 that we can use to provide daily care for our resident chimpanzees.

Virtual Field Trip Wednesdays at 9:30am

Join Save the Chimps here for a virtual field trip every Wednesday at 9:30am (EST) — you can access it via our Facebook page or by visiting this page.  Each Wednesday, Dr. Andrew Halloran will take you around the Sanctuary, pointing out what is unique about our facility and what’s so fascinating about our closest cousin, the chimpanzee.  And get to know each of the island’s and their family groups.

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An Exciting Update

We have an exciting update on the progress of our Board Match. Thanks to the dedication of so many supporters at this critical time, we have raised $193,154 of our $210,000 goal. We need to raise just $16,846 more by this Friday, May 15th to fully utilize the $210,000 in matching funds offered by our generous Board of Directors.

We have just three days remaining and your gift can help us get the full amount of match money offered by the Board so – please donate now.

Each gift directly supports the lifelong care of our residents and helps us to ensure a hopeful — and safe– future. And thanks to our generous Board of Directors, EVERY gift you make will be doubled!

It is our honor to provide our residents with an enriched life and the peaceful and dignified retirement they deserve. Help us prepare for the unknown and continue to give them the retirement they deserve by giving today. Only gifts made by May 15th will be matched. With just three days remaining, won’t you please give now?

Terry is there for his friend, Cayenne

Terry wasn’t going to give up on his friend Cayenne. Every day he’d venture out onto the island, look back, and urge Cayenne to join him.

Having spent her first fifteen years in a suspended cage, Cayenne didn’t know what concrete was, never mind grass. It looked so soft, and strange.

Every once in a while she’d dart out onto the strange grass to get a treat but then run right back onto the concrete patio where she felt secure. But Terry was always there, urging her to explore. And little by little, Cayenne would go a little further out, and then head back in.

Until one day last summer, Terry had convinced Cayenne to walk a little ways out onto the grass. Then a little further. And Cayenne followed. Then a little ways further. And Cayenne followed. Until sure enough, Cayenne was all the way out to the platform, far from the concrete patio. Cayenne was out on the island, for the first time in seventeen years.

Overcoming fear is something we can all relate to. Fear of the unknown, fear of the future. But we can also relate to the need to rely on our friends. Sometimes they are the ones that carry us when we cannot carry our own fear.

We started our Board Match Challenge during a time of great fear and unknown. How long would the sanctuary be under lock down protocols? Would the supply chain be disrupted? Could we count on our supporters at a time when we most needed them?

And you responded. Hundreds of donations have come in, totaling over $175,000 — a truly astonishing feat, as triumphant as Cayenne taking her small steps onto her island sanctuary. We could not be more humbled and grateful.

But we still have $35,000 left to raise by May 15th — can we count on you to help us reach that little bit further?

A mother’s love is instant and lasts a lifetime

My name is Jennifer and I was born in 1970 at Holloman Air Force base and taken from my mother soon after birth. In the wild I would have relied on my mom completely for warmth, protection, transportation, and nourishment. I would have nursed for five years and we would have shared a lifelong bond. At 18 months old I started my “career” as a laboratory test subject and was used in disease research and at just ten years old I entered the breeding program. In the wild an adult chimpanzee would have five or six babies over a lifetime but I had thirteen babies in just seventeen years. One was stillborn and the rest held similar fates as mine and were taken soon after birth so that I could continue producing babies.

I was rescued by Save the Chimps in 2001, along with 20 other chimpanzees, including my breeding partner, Wes. I am a quiet and reserved chimp, preferring the companionship of my chimpanzee friends to interaction with humans. I had one last baby in 2003, as a result of a failed vasectomy in the alpha of the group, Garfield. I finally had a chance to raise one of my babies and was not going to take it for granted. I doted on him, taking care of his every need from day one.

At the age of 11, JB became Alpha of the group. There is no doubt that my steadfast loyalty contributed to the confidence he needed to earn this important role of leadership. The support, guidance, and good genes of his father Garfield played an important part too. I’m enjoying my retirement to the fullest and am able to share a lifelong bond with JB. He may be the big, tough, alpha of the group, but he still makes time for sweet and gentle play sessions with his mom.

You can help support the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps by donating to our Board Match Challenge. Your gift will be doubled and go twice as far to support Jennifer, JB, and the more than 200 other chimpanzees living at Save the Chimps. The Board Match ends on May 15th and every donation gets us closer to our $210,000 goal. Won’t you please give now?

If you have already given to the Board Match, thank you. We are still including you on the emails so that you can also enjoy learning about our residents and see our progress in the Match.

Double your Gift. Double the Difference!