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Your donation helps provide care for the nearly 240 chimpanzees with:

  • three daily meals of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • first-rate medical care
  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

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  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

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A Very Happy Friday

Thanks to your incredible support and our generous Board of Directors, we raised $267,071 during the month-long Board Match Challenge that launched in honor of World Chimpanzee Day on July 14.

All money raised helps provide world-class care to our beloved chimpanzee residents including three fresh, healthy meals of fruits and vegetables, loving daily care from specially-trained staff, and individualized medical care from our veterinarians. It also helps us to maintain their beautiful island homes and provides the many enrichment activities that fulfill their lives. Your support makes all the difference to our residents as they live out their lives in the peaceful retirement they so deserve!

Last chance to quadruple your gift!

Waiting until the last minute can sometimes be a mistake. But this time, it all worked out for you!

Today is the last day of our Board Match Challenge—your last chance to give—and now until midnight tonight your generous gift to Save the Chimps can be quadrupled!

Please take advantage of this last chance 4X match now. It all ends at midnight tonight … and the chimps need you!

I’m talking about chimpanzees like Yvette. Just imagine the stories she could share from her long, sometimes difficult, but ultimately triumphant life…

Yvette was born in Africa. It’s likely she experienced great trauma at being forcibly separated from her chimpanzee family. And her story was just beginning …

Over the course of years, she gave birth multiple times and was usually separated from her children. She was kept in two laboratories. She was used for both breeding and experimentation.

Thank goodness, she ended up here at Save the Chimps and she now has a rich and rewarding life surrounded by a family who loves her.

She spent happy years with her best friend Mandy, and since Mandy’s death, her family has comforted her, cared for her, and looked up to her as a respected matriarch and a calming presence on her island.

Please have your gift quadrupled today to provide lifetime care to Yvette and all the chimpanzees at Save the Chimps.

Yvette has a beautiful soul. We all consider it a privilege to know her and care for her. And we’re all grateful that the chimps have YOU as a friend and supporter.

As we reach the final hours of our Board Match Challenge, we still need to raise funds to reach our goal and to provide not only food and enrichment, but also the specialized medical care that older chimps like Yvette need. We rely on your generosity to do all this. Please help.

Thank you for your support!

Save the Chimps Hires Dr. Kelsey McClure as Associate Veterinarian

Save the Chimps, the largest privately funded sanctuary for retired chimpanzees in the world, announced the hire of Dr. Kelsey McClure as Associate Veterinarian serving under Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Valerie Kirk.

“We are so pleased to welcome Dr. McClure to our team,” stated Dr. Kirk. Dr. McClure will be managing the clinical work involved in caring for 240 chimpanzees, 17% of whom are geriatric, as well as participating in the Sanctuary’s preventive veterinary care programs. “Dr. McClure is well-versed in the protocols and procedures of working with large mammals.  Her professionalism combined with her passion for the work will be a great addition to our care program,” added Dr. Kirk.

A Colorado native, Dr. McClure first became interested in Great Apes during an animal cognition class at the University of California-Berkeley where, as an undergraduate, she studied psychology and earned admission to the national Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Lambda. While working in in Louisiana at the Audubon Zoo in animal care, Dr. McClure became inspired by the work of the veterinarians on staff and committed herself to the lifelong care of animals, with a keen interest in the lives of Great Apes. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University and was most recently employed as a Zoological Medicine Intern at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba. An avid traveler, Dr. McClure has been to 37 countries, including a number of study abroad programs, with internships and externships focused on wild animal medical care.


A Legacy of Caring

Since its founding in 1997 by Primatologist Dr. Carole Noon, the sanctuary has successfully retired over 300 chimpanzees from unsuitable living conditions, allowing them to live out their days in a safe, secure, and vibrantly social community alongside their fellow chimpanzees. The retired chimps now live in large family groups on 12 separate three-acre islands, where they receive three fresh meals daily, first rate medical care, and a variety of activities in an enriched environment.

Save the Chimps is committed to providing sanctuary and exemplary care to chimpanzees in need. As the world’s largest privately funded sanctuary for chimpanzees, Save the Chimps relies 100% on annual donations from generous groups and individuals. Out of respect for its residents’ privacy, the sanctuary is closed to the public except for two Member Days each year, the next one being October 5th, 2019. For more information or to donate your time or treasure, visit


For One Day Only

Our Board Match Challenge just got even better—for one day only!

When you give today your generous donation to Save the Chimps will be matched with $2 for every $1 you send, for three times the impact!

Please make your gift now to provide three times the life-changing support for nearly 240 retired chimpanzees at Save the Chimps … including Tarzan’s loving family.

A former entertainer whose teeth were removed by a fearful trainer, Tarzan is a friendly and playful 39 year-old who now has a large family to call his own—thanks to staff determination, your good support and his own capacity to overcome all odds.

But it wasn’t always this way. We believe Tarzan was captured in the wild and never saw his natural family again. After many years with a private trainer Tarzan finally did have some happy years with Coby, his best friend … but after Coby died he was all alone again.

But almost as soon as Tarzan got to Save the Chimps, he made a new friend in Geraldine. Soon he made more friends in Garrey, and Cayenne, and Terry, and now for the first time since he was taken from Africa, Tarzan has a lively and supportive family group!

Chimpanzees are highly intelligent social animals. It means the world to know Tarzan is in such a wonderful sanctuary home. And it means the world to all of us that YOU support our mission so generously.

Please make your gift now during our Board Match challenge. For today only, your gift will be matched and tripled for three times the impact.

When we see Tarzan playing or just “hanging out” with his new friends and family, we see your support in action. We’ve made a promise to these chimps, and every donation you send helps care for them for the rest of their lives. Please don’t miss this chance to have your life-changing gift TRIPLED. Give now. Thank you!

Thanks To You

As a supporter of Save the Chimps, you have given an incredible gift to our resident chimpanzees.

Thanks to you they have fresh air, healthy food, companionship and fun. We see the impact of your generosity each time we do a new introduction of a chimp to a family, or provide their daily enrichment.

We see it in the way they embrace each other, in the peace and security they have here on their island home.

The biggest gift you have given them, however, is time. Because healing takes time. Make another gift today, if you can, to provide more healing, care and dignity for all the chimps.

You gave generously during our match two years ago, and now you have another wonderful opportunity to have your gift doubled!

After 21 years in a research facility, living in a suspended cage, it took Cayenne 17 years at Save the Chimps before she felt secure enough to explore her island. Now look at her go!

Tarzan spent several years alone after his best friend died. But today at Save the Chimps he has a new family that has embraced him and laughs and plays with him daily.

JR has both physical and emotional issues that go back to the years he spent in a small zoo. Now he has all the space he needs to explore, including a new Primadome climbing structure where he can spend quiet afternoons with the best panoramic views in the sanctuary while swinging on a custom-made hammock.

Thanks to you, we are caring for the chimps every day, helping them heal with specialized care and our expert behavioral staff that meets the chimps based on where they are and what they need.

And every month we are adding something new as well, including new climbing structures, revamped play yards, a new on-site veterinary procedure room, and new opportunities for enrichment.

Your support gives these beautiful creatures the time they need to heal, to enjoy life, and to build the bonds of friendship and family they deserve. For that we say thank you.

Today, we also urge you to consider an additional gift during our Board Match challenge. From now until August 14th, your gift will be matched and doubled for twice the impact.

Please consider investing in the healing power of time to give the chimps a better today and an even brighter tomorrow. Thank you for all you’ve done and are doing for our resident chimpanzees.

Help us Make a Difference this Summer!

Nearly one hundred chimp-lovers like you have given to our Board Match Challenge to help us double our fundraising this summer! And we need you to keep the momentum going!

Of course, we’re grateful to all who have already given. But there’s a problem …

You see, our generous Board Members have promised $175,000 in matching funds but to receive the full amount we first have to raise $175,000 by August 14 from caring people like you. That’s where the challenge comes in! We need your help now …

Please make double the difference by making your gift now.

If we can raise the $175,000 and match those dollars with the funds from our Board, we’ll have $350,000 that we can use to provide daily care for our resident chimpanzees. And believe me those funds are urgently needed.

25% of our chimp population is elderly, in need of specialized medical and dietary care. Several of our residents have PTSD and behavioral challenges due to their past treatment, and are in need of sensitive and professional care plans to help them heal. Your help can make the difference.

In fact, today your gift will be matched dollar for dollar to make double the difference for the chimpanzees in our care:

  • $15 will be doubled to be worth $30
  • $25 will be doubled to be worth $50
  • If you can donate an extra generous $100 it will be matched and doubled to $200
  • Any amount you give today can be doubled!

We still have a long way to go in this campaign and we don’t have much more time to raise the rest. We can’t do it without your help, so please join with us today! Every dollar counts, and I’m hoping you will help just as generously as you can. Won’t you please give now?

Thank you Nylabone & Carolyn Zaumeyer!

Chimps love Nylabones! A big pant-hoot of thanks to Chimp Champion Carolyn Zaumeyer who worked with the nice folks from Nylabone to donate 250 Nylabones for our chimps to enjoy. Not only do they enjoy them, but just like our canine friends, they are good for chimps teeth! They are fun, durable, and delicious treats for our residents to chew on this summer. Thank you Nylabone! 

On behalf of the resident chimps at Save the Chimps, THANK YOU! 


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Tootie Meets Lisa Marie and Falls Head Over Heels! (Do you blame him?)

When you meet that special person, sparks fly, you get a glint in your eye and a skip in your step — you just know that’s the one for you! That’s how it was recently when Tootie met Lisa Marie. Just like their human cousins, chimpanzees are deeply social creatures. We have 12 vibrant chimpanzee families living on their own islands. Finding chimps that get along, share temperaments, and can live together in a harmonized family unit is the strategic and collaborative effort of the Behavior, Chimp Care, and Veterinary departments here at the Sanctuary. As such, the introduction process is carefully approached and evaluated with the goal of finding relationships that are well-balanced and healthy for all involved.

Tootie came to Save the Chimps in 2016 after a bit of a rocky start in life, first as a TV movie star where a fearful trainer had all his teeth pulled, he was then sold to a breeder who put him in a cage with an older aggressive female who bit him repeatedly and then went to a farm where he was safe but lived without the companionship of fellow chimpanzees. When he first came to Save the Chimps it was apparent what a highly playful fellow he was, even though he was a bit shy socially with other chimps. He was introduced first to Joe, and eventually found his place in a group with Garrey, Geraldine, Millie, and Walden and lived happily with them in a small family group as he acclimated to life with other chimps and life at the Sanctuary.

Lisa Marie came to Save the Chimps in 2014 at the age of eight after a short career in entertainment (as a sidekick to an Elvis impersonator) and fairly quickly was introduced to Kiley’s family, and after an adjustment period, loved it with her new chimpanzee family on her permanent island home. Lisa Marie is known for her affectionate and playful manner. She hugs Ariel and plays often with Angie, Cookie and the other members of her family.

The Behavior Department was eager to find the right island family for Tootie. It was determined that Kiley’s family might be a good fit for this playful albeit wary guy. Introductions were started, and Tootie did well one-on-one with a few of the chimps and even had a few adventures out on Kiley’s island but it can be intimidating being the newcomer in a new environment within an established family group. Inevitably, Tootie would return to hang out with Walden with whom he felt the most safe. And while Walden was always patient with Tootie, Walden has his own BFF—Virgil—with whom he prefers to hang one-on-one, leaving Tootie feeling like a bit of a third wheel.

Tootie just didn’t have “his” own one-on-one companion – his own BFF. That is, until Tootie was introduced to Lisa Marie. As soon as the door was opened between these two, the laughter and playing started and continued non-stop, for days. “Being the previous newcomer to Kiley’s group, we had a feeling that Lisa Marie might help Tootie make the transition into the family unit but we didn’t expect the level of affection and love they clearly have for each other,” said Behavior & Welfare Manager Amanda Bania.

Tootie continues to be slowly introduced to members of Kiley’s family and to island life, but his confidence has grown, and he seems to feel much more at home with Lisa Marie by his side. Big pant-hoot and hooray’s to the care staff at Kiley’s Island and our thoughtful Behavior staff who continue to be flexible and patient as Tootie feels more and more comfortable getting to know his new chimpanzee family on his permanent island home.

Pictured (top): Tootie (standing) paying tribute and giving admiration to his new bff Lisa Marie (sitting)