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Your donation helps provide care for the nearly 250 chimpanzees with:

  • three daily meals of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • first-rate medical care
  • enrichment activities that encourage natural behaviors

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  • help maintain the 12 three-acre island homes
  • allow chimps space and freedom to wander to their hearts content

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A Thank You to Plastridge Insurance

Thank you Plastridge Insurance for celebrating your 100th anniversary with a donation of $10,000 to Save the Chimps! We appreciate your community driven culture and support of our nearly 250 chimpanzee residents. You have been a partner in our mission nearly from the beginning of our work. We are grateful for your ongoing commitment, as well as this generous gift that will allow us to meet our goal of providing exemplary care to the chimps who have found a home here in beautiful Florida.
Photo: Stephanie Joy, Employee Benefits Account Manager at Plastridge & Connor Lynch, COO/Commercial Insurance Agent at Plastridge with Save the Chimps’ Chief Development Officer, Teresa Newmarch

February Chimp Birthdays

Who doesn’t love presents?
The chimps do and they  most definitely deserve them!

Visit our wishlist to send goodies for the chimps.
Big pant hoot thank you for your generosity and support! 


February 1, 1999

Bambi 2010 (1)



February 1, 1996

Jersey Nov 2011


February 2, 1995

Fergus relaxing in the Florida sunshine


February 2, 1983

Amy (9)


February 3, 1996

Butch (2) copy


February 4, 1999
Pamela (4)


February 4, 1993



February 5, 2007

Dylan 6.1 x 9.1


February 6, 1990

Amanda Feb 2011


February 8, 1996

Spudnut (4)


February 11, 1970

Alison (2)


February 12, 2000

Tea 2 copy


February 14, 1983Larry Apr 2014 (7)


February 18, 1986



February 19,  1998


February 21, 1981

Wally Feb 2013


February 21, 1998



February 21, 1994

Reba Jan 2011


February 23, 1995

Logan March 2011


February 23, 1972

Tinker migration 2009 (4)


February 23, 1988

Sandy Feb 2013


February 24, 1994

Ariel (7)


February 24, 1991



February 26, 1984Tash 150x150

January Chimp Birthdays

Who doesn’t love presents?
The chimps do and they  most definitely deserve them!

Visit our wishlist to send goodies for the chimps.
A big pant-hoot thank you for your generosity and support! 



January 1, 2007

Marlon and April Apr 2014

Ursula the 1st

January 1, 1972

1 Ursula

Andrea the 1st

January 1, 1971

Andrea the 1st Feb 2013


January 1, 1978

Manny Aug 2011 (2)

Tina the 2nd

January 1, 1978



January 1, 1989


January 2, 1982

Spud Sept 2011 (770x800)


January 4, 1990



January 4, 1990



January 6, 2000

Normand 150x150


January 8, 1999

Luke 150x150

 Lisa Marie

January 8, 2007



January 13, 1994
Ritt eating grapefruit Feb 2013


January 14, 1992
Bart Feb 2012 (2)


January 16, 1999
Janice Feb 2012 (2)


January 17, 1991



January 19, 1996



January 23, 1997
Zeus 2014


January 24, 1994

Jordan Aug 2012 (3)


January 26, 1989



January 27, 1993



January 27, 1989

Jan 27 1989 Worthy

Jude the 2nd

January 28, 2003
Jude Aug 2012 eating enrichment(1)


January 30, 1975

Lupe April 2011 (1)


January 31, 1983

Bobby Nov 2011 (2)


January 31, 1991

Arnulfo crop


January 31, 2000

Arthur (7)


Jean the chimp, here


We chimpanzees don’t drink champagne on New Year’s Eve. But the end of the year is important …

It marks another year of living out our lives in comfort and security in this remarkable sanctuary. Save the Chimps has made a lifetime promise to us, and each passing year shows just how meaningful that commitment is.

Thank you for supporting Save the Chimps as generously as you do. Today, please make a year-end gift so we can reach our $50,000 year-end budget goal.

Save the Chimps rescued me when I was eight years old. I had been in a lab, and I wasn’t healthy. They tell me I was pale and skinny, and my hair was thin. That’s no way for a chimp to be!

But look at me now. Today I’m strong and healthy. I have a best friend. I have room to roam, and a nice indoor space where I can supervise the Save the Chimps staff. I even get to paint!

You’ve given me a better life. But there is much more to do. That’s why I’m writing you this note.

Please make your tax-deductible year-end gift to Save the Chimps now. You’ll help give me and all my chimp friends a happy, healthy new year, and a secure future for the rest of our lives.

Thank you.



In Loving Memory of Beth


We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Beth, a kind and gentle female chimpanzee who lived in Rufus’ Family at Save the Chimps and passed away due to complications of heart disease. Beth was a strikingly beautiful chimpanzee with distinctive eyes and a smooth, dark face. She was warm and outgoing to all, chimpanzees and humans alike. Her gentle heart endeared Beth to all who knew her.

Beth was born on March 3, 1984 on Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, New Mexico, to her mother Mary and father Doug. Mary was allowed to care for her for just two days before Beth was removed from her and taken to the laboratory nursery to be raised by humans. She began receiving liver biopsies as young as 5 months old and was placed in her first research study at 18 months. When she was 11, she entered the laboratory’s breeding program. The first male she was mated with was her own father, Doug, as the laboratory failed to check her parentage. She lived with Doug for three weeks before they were separated, and she was introduced to a male named Sampson. Soon after, she was confirmed to be pregnant. Beth gave birth to two babies who are now residents of Save the Chimps – Delilah and Walden.


In 1997, Beth’s custody was transferred from the US Air Force to the Coulston Foundation, a research lab in Alamogordo, NM, with a long history of violating the Animal Welfare Act. In September 2002, Save the Chimps rescued 266 chimpanzees living at Coulston, including Beth. Despite all she had been through, Beth immediately struck us as a gentle and loving chimpanzee who warmly greeted her new caregivers each morning. Beth then joined the largest chimpanzee group at Save the Chimps – Rufus’ Family. Along with her best friend Lauryl, Beth and the other members of Rufus’ Family traveled across the country to their new home at Save the Chimps, where they felt grass beneath their feet for the first time. Beth spent the rest of her life roaming her expansive island habitat and knowing the love and companionship of a chimpanzee family.

Beth had a soft spot for youngsters that lasted well into their adulthood. When Beth’s friend Lauryl had a baby named Leo in 2007 due to a failed vasectomy, Beth immediately became a wonderful “auntie” to him. Despite Leo’s trouble-making tendencies as he entered his pre-teen years, Beth was always a steady and loving figure in Leo’s life. She also had a deep, motherly bond with both Gerro and Spudnut, two young males who grew up knowing Beth’s affection. She loved getting to have alone time with either of them at any opportunity. No matter if there was conflict, food stealing, or rambunctiousness around her, caregivers described Beth as always patient and forgiving. Beth was also very warm and sweet to her caregivers and enjoyed spending quality time with them. When she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention from her caregivers she would make a unique sound that sounded like a horse or a loud sneeze. After using this special sound to get attention, caregivers would often playfully say, “Bless you!” – and accept her invitation to play. She also had an endearing habit of giving her caregivers “gifts.” This is something we have observed many chimps doing over the years. Our Welfare Coordinator, Tracy, recalled that Beth was the first chimp she met to give her a gift. Beth gently handed Tracy a paper bag she had found on her island. Long-time caregiver, Torrie, recalls Beth giving her a gift on the first day they met – a green bean she wasn’t interested in eating. When Beth’s health declined before her passing, another long-time caregiver, Deanna, was encouraging her to eat and was pleased that Beth was eating “monkey chow,” which is a nutritionally complete biscuit that many of our residents love. After eating for a while, Beth had two pieces left. Deanna spoke softly to Beth, telling her how happy she was to see her eating. Beth looked at her for a moment and gently gave Deanna one of the two biscuits she had left. We will never forget how kind and loving Beth could be in the face of any situation. Though we miss Beth dearly, we are grateful to watch her kindness live on through her son Walden and daughter Delilah, and to know we gave her the many years of peace, dignity, and companionship she so deserved. Rest in peace, Beth. We will miss you always.

We’ve doubled our match!

I have exciting news to share. We’ve just doubled our match!

With less than two weeks to go (and to give!) our Board of Directors has increased its year-end commitment. The directors asked me to share that we have an additional $20,000 in matching funds! The Board wants to make sure that as many supporters as possible are able to use the match to make their own year-end gifts.

I want to thank them for their generosity…and thank you in advance for taking the opportunity to have your gift matched and doubled. Please don’t wait! Make your gift to Save the Chimps during our year-end campaign.

Of course, another matching gift means another goal to reach. And this one doesn’t leave us much time …

But if you will make your gift now I believe we can make it.

An extra $20,000 goes a long way. We can use it to pay for food, medical care, enrichment, and other critical needs of the nearly 250 resident chimpanzees here at Save the Chimps.

So we’re counting on you. Grab this chance now and make a tax-deductible year-end gift to Save the Chimps. When you do, your gift will be doubled up to $20,000!

Thank you,

Teresa A. Newmarch
Chief Development Officer