Caregiver Society

Save the Chimps established the Caregiver Society to recognize our most generous patrons, whose compassion has been vital to our efforts to provide the highest quality care possible to the chimpanzees.

Save the Chimps is committed to providing chimpanzees with lifetime sanctuary, and the chimpanzees who already call Save the Chimps home will require our care for decades to come. Additionally a multitude of chimpanzees are still in need of sanctuary, and we can only help them with a strong foundation of support.

By joining the Caregiver Society, you will be part of a distinct leadership group who are ensuring a bright future for hundreds of chimpanzees. Your participation in the Caregiver Society entitles you all the benefits of members and members-only invitations to special events like Caregiver Society Day which includes a VIP tour of the Sanctuary.

Caregiver Society members are the foundation of it all, acting as major investors and ambassadors for Save the Chimps. Everyone at Save the Chimps is profoundly grateful for the Caregiver Society members’ generosity and strong commitment to our mission.

Join us today!