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Adopt a Chimp for $300.00

The annual cost to care for a chimpanzee is $20,000. While you can sponsor a chimp for a year through our ALPHA page and support his or her care, you can also “adopt” for a smaller donation of $300. $300 helps provide a chimp with complete care which includes three fresh, healthy meals of fruits and vegetables, loving daily care from specially-trained staff, and medical care from our veterinarians. Your $300 donation helps us to maintain your chimp’s beautiful island home and provide the many enrichment toys and activities that fulfill their lives. Adopting a chimp of your choosing also makes the perfect unique gift for a friend or loved one for any occasion!

The adoption packet includes a certificate, biography, update, and a beautiful portrait suitable for framing.

Please note that you can also adopt a chimp with a $25/month commitment, which will automatically renew each year.

Adoptable chimps include Garfield, a handsome, dignified, and powerful male with an appetite to match; Rufus, who is the elder statesman of his family group—and an inspiring leader of his troop; and Melody, the youngest and most rambunctious of her family.

Select “View Profile” to learn more about each chimpanzee available for adoption and choose the “Adopt Me” button when you’ve found the chimp that steals your heart.




Feed a Chimp

Noah eating banana 2015 200

You can also help to make sure that the chimpanzees have healthy, balanced, and flavorful meals every day. All of the chimps eat three meals a day of fresh fruits and vegetables. Variety is the spice of life so the menu changes daily.

Alice with tomato 200

Feeding nearly 250 chimpanzees translates into nearly 2000 pounds of apples, more than 2500 pounds of bananas, 840 pounds of oranges, almost 1000 pounds of tomatoes and so on, each week – for an annual food bill of over $350,000. But your gift will help ensure healthy, good eating every day! Feed a Chimp »

Become a Member

Member card no year 250Membership in Save the Chimps is a meaningful contribution that allows you to get to know and support the wonderful chimpanzees living at the Sanctuary. Member donations are an important contribution to the everyday needs of chimp care and sanctuary maintenance. Benefits include:

  • Regular news and updates
  • Invitations to Member Day and other memorable events
  • The satisfaction of knowing that nearly 250 chimpanzees live a peaceful retirement for the rest of their lives, every single day, thanks to your dedication. Become a Member »