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Please don’t forget to include your name and address when shipping items from your home, or to ask to include your name and address with their packing slip, so that we may acknowledge your gift.


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For every 100lbs our supporters order from their website, they will donate 10lbs. Additionally supporters can use the coupon code “SaveChimps” to save 10% on their order.


Help keep the chimps’ buildings clean by ordering much-needed cleaning supplies from Quill.


You can purchase gift cards from Walmart, and have them sent directly to Save the Chimps.

Sam’s Club

You can purchase gift cards from Sam’s Club, and have them sent directly to Save the Chimps.

Home Depot

You can purchase gift cards from Home Depot, and have them sent directly to Save the Chimps.

Save the Chimps Wish List

Leo Member of Rufus' Family

Caring for nearly 250 chimpanzees is a big job and there are some things we could never have enough of. You can send a care package of some of the chimps’ most needed and loved. Thank you for your support!

Ship to address: Save the Chimps, 16891 Carole Noon Lane, Fort Pierce, FL 34945

If you  prefer to drop off your donation, please call  772.429.0403 . Because Save the Chimps is closed to the public, arrangements need to be made in advance. Please understand that we cannot accommodate a tour when dropping off donations. Thank you for your support.

Another way to shop for items from our Wish List is in the Save the Chimps store.
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View our complete list of our Annual Wish List Challenges

Food Enrichment Items

  • Nuts in Shells – any kind, unsalted
  • Sunflower Seeds – unsalted
  • Dried Fruit
  • Fruit Juice – no sugar added
  • Gatorade, Powerade
  • Raisins, Craisins
  • Oatmeal, Grits
  • Apple Sauce
  • Organic Fruit Leather
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jam with no added sugar or corn syrup
  • Loaves of Bread
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – any kind
  • Fresh browse (sugar cane, edible branches, stalks such as banana trees, and hibiscus branches)

Toys & Enrichment Items

  • Unbreakable Mirrors
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Small plastic toys, sturdy (age appropriate for 1 – 3 years – no choking hazards)
  • Kong toys
  • Basketballs, Soccer balls
  • Stuffed animals (not stuffed with pebbles, beans, PVC, pellets or foam)
  • Canvas boards, paints (non-toxic), brushes
  • Kiddie pools (plastic)
  • Picture Books


  • Hand soap, Hand sanitizer
  • Laundry Soap, Liquid Dish Soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Clothes Pins
  • Paper Cups – 16 oz or 3-5 oz

Facility Needs/Capital Equipment*

  • Golf Carts
  • Golf Cart Batteries
  • Washing Machines (No Dryers Please)
  • Weed Eaters
  • Home Improvement Gift Cards ( such as Home Depot, Lowes, Harbour Freight)

Pro Bono Professional Services*

  • Gift certificates to be used for auctions at fundraisers
  • Lawn Care/Landscaping
  • Maintenance Services
  • Construction Trades


  • Hotel accommodations and car rentals to use while attending outreach events
  • Frequent flyer miles / round-trip airline tickets

Help collect items for the chimps!

Wish List Flyer.inddAre you a community group, school, or business that would like to help collect much needed items for the chimpanzees at the Sanctuary?

Download a flyer that you can use to promote your efforts. You can customize the list and include the items you’d like to collect for the chimps.

For questions contact