mandy-planned-giving-graphic-700pxSanctuary Society Membership

Planned and deferred gifts have become increasingly important to Save the Chimps financial strength and long-term security. Such gifts provide funding for special projects as well as unrestricted funds that supports the daily operations of the Sanctuary. Most importantly the generous gifts of our Sanctuary Society members supports the ongoing care of nearly 240 chimpanzees and allows for our continued commitment to rescue chimpanzees today and in the future.

By becoming a member of our Sanctuary Society and including Save the Chimps in your estate planning, you play a vital role in ensuring the organization’s sustainability and financial health for years to come. One of the most significant ways to show your support and passion for the well-being and lifelong care of our chimpanzee residents is to make a bequest to Save the Chimps in your will. Click to view or print Save the Chimps’ sample beneficiary language.

If you have already included Save the Chimps in your long-term financial plans, please let us know. With your permission we’d like to recognize you as a Sanctuary Society member. For more information about planned giving or to be included in our Membership listing, please complete this Planned Giving Form.


Members of the Sanctuary Society feel a special bond with the organization, knowing their contributions have a lasting impact on the care provided to nearly 240 chimpanzees.


“I am grateful to be able to be a part of making a safe, happy place for these dear souls to live out the rest of their lives…happy and whole!” ~Jennifer Oh

After two years as volunteers at the Sanctuary, Art and Jean Zbinden moved from Florida. Art and Jean were determined that their move would not make their chimpanzee family part of their past. In fact, Art and Jean made chimps part of their future — by including Save the Chimps in their estate plans. “After we moved, we had to redo our will, so it was a perfect opportunity to remember the chimpanzees that are so near and dear to our hearts.” ~ Jean and Art Zbinden


We are pleased to recognize the following individuals for their generous planned gifts to Save the Chimps.


Lourdes Alvarez-Rogers Marianne Arbuckle Jeff Arnstein
Donald Bettis Jocelyn Bezner Catherine Bonanno
Marilyn Bronner Cheryl Cheney Danielle Christmas
Laurie Cillo Leslie Devereux Carolyn Elisius
Madeline Grant Sarah Haney Natalie Hayes
Linda Hughes Darlene Klinger Catherine Korda
Marie-Lise Laramee Cody Larimore Julie Lee
Patricia Lindner Ray Lubecki and Charles Higgins Gerry Lukos
Lupe Marquez Michael & Jennifer McFerron James Melton
Lucien Meyer Mary Monk Paul Morsey
Jason North Jennifer Oh Chip Owen
Nancy Racine Triana Romero William and Barbara Rottler
Barbara Sands Dennis Schaefer Deb Shafer
Margaret Swartzlander Eusebio M. Vestias Donna Willis
Joann P. Wooley  Art and Jean Zbinden


For more information about making a planned gift to Save the Chimps or to be included in our Sanctuary Society Membership listing, click here.

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