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03/12/2020 - About COVID19 & The Sanctuary

02/14/2020 - Save the Chimps Dr. Andrew Halloran Travels to Africa to Save Chimpanzees Living in the Wild

02/7/2020 - Primatologists Gather at Save the Chimps for Annual Conference

11/22/2019 - Indy Brewery Brews Up More Than $100,000 For Animal-Centric Charities | Forbes

10/24/2019 - Dr. Valerie Kirk attends 47th Annual Association of Primate Veterinarians Workshop

10/8/2019 - Save the Chimps Honored for Service to Animals at St. Lucie County 35th Annual Business & Industry Appreciation Awards

01/29/2018 - Truth Behind Viral Video of Chimp Hugging Dog Isn’t Cute | The Dodo

02/21/2017 - Member Day allows tour of Save the Chimps sanctuary | TC Palm

11/21/2016 - Chefs go bananas to benefit Save the Chimps! |

04/7/2016 - Race Your Fellow Primates at the Second Annual Chimpathon – Florida Running & Triathlon

03/17/2016 - From Heartache to Heartwarming Friendship: The Story Behind the Adorable Handholding Chimps

03/10/2016 - Great love from a Great Ape: Former Las Vegas Chimp finds new life and new love

01/11/2016 - ‘Personhood’ chimpanzees returned to owners, ending animal rights litigation – Science Insider

08/6/2015 - Save the Chimps featured in L’ESPRESSO MAGAZINE

07/30/2015 - 2004 Interview with Dr. Carole Noon

07/10/2015 - Space Chimps Tested On – KOAT

06/24/2015 - Chimpanzees Deemed Endangered by U.S.—What’s It Mean? By Matt McCall, National Geographic

12/12/2014 - After 18 Years in a Roadside Zoo, Terry Learns What it Means to be a Chimpanzee!

11/10/2014 - STC featured in The World According to Waldo’s

08/29/2014 - Save the Chimps featured on Australian Radio

08/13/2014 - Save the Chimps featured in Vanity Fair, Italy

06/17/2014 - Save the Chimps on ABC Nightline

05/12/2014 - STC Sanctuary Director on Happy Hour Yappy Hour Show

04/28/2014 - After 23 Years in a Lab, Scarlett the Chimp Now Enjoys a Life….

03/10/2014 - VetStreet – New Book ‘Opening Doors’ Focuses on the Work of Save the Chimps

02/28/2014 - Sanctuary for Rescued Chimps by Patricia Waldron

01/22/2014 - Psychology Today: Carole Noon’s Tireless Work to Save Chimps: A True Heroine

01/21/2014 - The Washington Post: A new book chronicles abused chimpanzees and the woman who rescued them

10/7/2013 - One Chimp’s Journey From lonely zoo to sanctuary paradise by Susan Bird

10/5/2013 - WPBF News 25 – Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce rescues chimp from Las Vegas

10/2/2013 - Terry’s Rescue

10/1/2013 - Get your hanky out: chimpanzee freed after decades in solitary

08/29/2013 - Chimps battle to be top banana in art contest

08/22/2013 - Chimpanzee artists are competing for your vote now

08/22/2013 - Chimpanzees compete in art contest

06/28/2013 - NIH to reduce medical research chimpanzees, local sanctuary applauds decision

06/11/2013 - Exciting news for the protection of chimpanzees!

05/13/2013 - Chimp recovers from torn ACL

05/9/2013 - Equality and individuality: A collaboration between primates

04/19/2013 - Family fun planned for Chimp Champs

04/5/2013 - Painting with chimps

03/15/2013 - The uncertain fate of the government’s last 50 medical research chimps

02/27/2013 - Sounds of the wild: hear chimps go ape for ripening fruit

02/6/2013 - Save the Chimps sanctuary could get more residents; government may retire hundreds of chimps

01/25/2013 - Sanctuary prepares for more chimps

01/23/2013 - Rules would retire most research chimps

01/18/2013 - Figuring how to pay for (chimp) retirement

12/4/2012 - Legends tests MFDCC using solar panel on golf cart in real world environment at Save the Chimps sanctuary

11/5/2012 - Creative chimp finds haven in Fort Pierce

09/22/2012 - Visitors to Save the Chimps celebrate a 10 year “Bananaversary” milestone

09/22/2012 - Save the Chimps: islands of hope

07/13/2012 - Save the Chimps wants better home for its special needs chimpanzees

06/11/2012 - Chimpanzee sanctuary gives former research chimps a happy retirement

06/1/2012 - Bob Barker donates $250,000 to Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce

05/11/2012 - Angie the chimp undergoes revolutionary stem cell treatment

05/7/2012 - CNN brings the rescue success of Treasure Coast-based Save the Chimps to a worldwide audience

05/4/2012 - DAR chapter members visit chimpanzee center

04/24/2012 - Save the Chimps Florida sanctuary a healing refuge in the wild

04/21/2012 - Laboratory chimps get a new lease on life

03/14/2012 - Dr. Jane Goodall hosts “chimpanzee” premier at Walt Disney World

03/14/2012 - The great chimp migration ends

03/6/2012 - Good news for Republic of Congo chimpanzees

02/2/2012 - Funny chimps on TV are no laughing matter

02/1/2012 - A question of freedom for chimpanzees who spend lives in research labs

02/1/2012 - Emotional debate over use of chimpanzees who spend lives in research labs

02/1/2012 - Save the Chimps celebrates end of great chimpanzee migration

01/10/2012 - A Happy New Year for the chimps

01/9/2012 - Chimps learn about nature’s medicine chest from elders

12/21/2011 - Elevation of the Chimp May Reshape research

12/20/2011 - Federally supported medical research on chimps should be curtailed, panel says.

12/20/2011 - For sale: infamous chimp lab

12/20/2011 - The horrible thing that happened to Enos the chimp when he orbited Earth 50 years ago

12/16/2011 - Ban chimp testing: Why it is time to end invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees

12/15/2011 - Laboratory chimpanzees made an exodus

12/15/2011 - Study finds Savanna chimps exhibit sharing behavior like humans

12/5/2011 - Nine Chimpanzees find a new home in sanctuary in Fort Pierce

11/25/2011 - CenterState Bank forges new relationship with Save the Chimps

11/16/2011 - Save the Chimps builds sanctuary for 250+ rescued chimpanzees in Fort Pierce

11/16/2011 - World’s largest chimp sanctuary, located in Fort Pierce, needs help

11/15/2011 - Chimps’ days in labs may be dwindling

11/9/2011 - Fundraiser to help bring 19 chimps to sanctuary from New Mexico

11/9/2011 - “Great Chimpanzee Migration” to St. Lucie sanctuary almost complete

11/8/2011 - “Save the Chimps” sanctuary builds a home for traumatized apes

11/4/2011 - Chimp’s art to benefit other chimps at fundraiser

11/4/2011 - Chimpanzee sanctuary auctioning resident artwork

11/4/2011 - Great Chimpanzee migration to Florida nears end

11/2/2011 - Cultural transmission in chimpanzees

08/23/2011 - Chimpanzee research an endangered species as experts debate

07/22/2011 - Chimp nest architecture has lasting foundations

07/13/2011 - New research demonstrates damaging influence of media on public perceptions of chimpanzees

05/5/2011 - Chimpanzees’ 66 gestures revealed

01/3/2011 - Rescued chimpanzees get treats for “Chimpmas” at St. Lucie sanctuary

12/20/2010 - Girl chimpanzees may use sticks as dolls

12/1/2010 - Jane of the Jungle: Additional commentary and insights from Jane Goodall

01/19/2010 - Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper

12/28/2009 - CNN’s editor’s pick video “Chimp-mas” in Florida!

12/16/2009 - Chimps get second chance in Fort Pierce sanctuary