Save the Chimps’ Volunteers

Volunteers do so much to help support our beloved chimpanzee residents all year-round. Their compassion and dedication are unmatched, and that’s why every year, Save the Chimps dedicates a day to celebrate them.

On January 21, 2017 we will be hosting our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Sanctuary. The fun begins with watching a chimpanzee party, followed by a catered lunch and presentation. We look forward to seeing you to celebrating you on this special day!

Please contact to RSVP by January 18th.

“Volunteers, they are amazing people.”

Some of our amazing volunteers on-hand to help at Member Day

Volunteer Appreciation Day (3) Barbara Brooks, Gwen Forbes-Wolfe watch a Chimpentines Party

Jim, Art, Susan, Jean, and Billie Jo