Member Day Testaments

Here’s what people are saying about Member Day!


“Member Day was absolutely wonderful! I loved hearing all the stories about the rescues, the chimps’ unique personalities, and how Save the Chimps all began. I am very thankful for being able to attend and appreciate your cause!”


“Even though it rained buckets, you all did a wonderful job of making us feel warm and welcome. We always leave feeling inspired by your dedication and professionalism and promising to return and some promising to themselves to look into volunteering. Thanks.”


“We can’t wait to come back! What a great charity to donate money to. It was neat to see how the chimps love and see them enjoy the great Florida outdoors. They were running free and happy and being taken care of by loving people. We even saw one chimp lounging in a hammock! What a great thing you are doing for those chimps and the tours for Members are such a good idea! It’s a way for people to see how their money is being spent and thanks to social media it can inspire others to become a part of such an amazing operation. Keep up the good work :)”


“It was great!”


“I can’t pick a favorite. It was an amazing day. It was pouring rain for most of the tour, and yet everyone was willing to talk to us. I know that we aren’t supposed to get close to the chimps, but I really enjoyed the first house that we visited so that we could see a couple of chimps up close. Also, thank you for the audio speakers that the tour guide wore. That helped a lot.”


“For me, it was PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!”


“You are all doing an outstanding job. I always leave saying when I retire, I want to donate my time to anything to help these amazing chimps and staff.”


“It was a perfect day.”


“My favorite part was seeing the chimps free to roam on the islands.”


“Everything was perfect!”


“My favorite part was talking to humans working with the chimps and seeing how much each one cares.”


“I thought you did great! Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.”


“It was perfect! Loved meeting some volunteers!”


“We thought the tour was well organized and very well done.”


“Our favorite parts were getting so much information from our tour guide and the vet, and the shopping!”


“We loved watching the chimpanzees running on the islands, enjoying freedom.”


“My favorite part was the smile on every staff members face as we were greeted , as they told funny little story of each chimp and thier personality. You could see the compassion and love for every aspect of their jobs.”


“You all do a wonderful job. Thank you!”


“Wouldn’t change a thing–fabulous.”


“As a former National Conference Director, I thought your event was flawless!”


“We LOVED it!!!”


“You couldn’t do it any better!”


“We were fearful that the rain would keep us from seeing chimps, but it did not.”


“From start to finish, it was an awesome experience.”


“I loved hearing the chimps’ vocalizations.”


“Our tour guide was great and answered everyone’s questions and told funny stories about all the chimps. Great tour!”


“We love learning that the chimps are well taken care of, and allowed to express their freedom of choice.”


“I loved meeting volunteers, caregivers, and doctor, all so committed to what they do. Felt LOVE and COMPASSION for the chimps all day.”

  • A tour group getting to know the chimpanzees in Late's Family