Giving Day for Apes

Giving Day for Apes is a global day to raise awareness and individual support for great apes and gibbons throughout Africa, Asia, and North America. Save the Chimps is one of 35 participating sanctuaries.  Our goal is to raise $42,000 to cover the annual care of two of our beloved residents – Allie and Debbie.  Your support will also help us win cash prizes from the Giving Day sponsors. Fundraising is open now and ends on October 15.

Allie grew up as a household pet and though her human family loved her dearly, they realized that was not the life  that would be best for her long term.  Save the Chimps welcomed her to her new, forever home at the Sanctuary in 2017 and the introduction to her life gradually unfolded, according to her needs. She is a sweet, clever, and fun-loving lady.




Debbie is an elderly chimp who was captured in Africa in 1970 and shipped to the United States for  medical research.  She endured more than 30 years in laboratories before being among the 266 chimpanzees rescued by Save the Chimps in 2002. She now enjoys retirement on a 3-acre island with her chimp family. She is caring, devoted, and well-respected by humans and chimpanzees alike.



As we fundraise we will share more about the lives and personalities of these lovely ladies.

Ways to help:

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Giving Day for Apes gives you the chance to make a big difference in the lives of our chimpanzee residents. Create a fundraiser for Save the Chimps and not only will you be raising money for our beloved chimpanzee residents, you will also be helping us win sponsored cash prizes and reach our fundraising goals. To create a fundraiser for Save the Chimps simply visit our Giving Day for Apes page and click “fundraise”, then follow these five simple steps below.

  1. Enter a title – keep it simple or make it fun and creative, it’s your fundraiser.
  2.  Add a brief description. This will show as a preview on the page that lists all fundraisers.  Set your goal and a campaign end date. Be sure to set the end date on or after October 15th.
  3. Add photos and video. Use your own or download photos of Allie, Debbie, and the sanctuary to use.
  4. Share the story of why you are fundraising for Save the Chimps and why people should give.
  5. Publish your page and share!

Thank you for your support!