Save the Chimps’ Gift Shop

What better way is there to let the world know that you are Speaking Out for the chimps!!

We are happy to offer a wide assortment of items  - t-shirts , hats,  books, license plates and more.


book 250x250




Cheetah painting 204x250

Chimp Art


Chimp Portraits

Your purchase helps provide our beloved chimpanzee residents with the best in veterinary care and nutrition, loving care from the staff, maintenance of the their beautiful island homes, and enrichment activities to fulfill their lives.

Also, click here to visit us at Café Press for a great assortment of new STC gear – mouse pads, shirts, mugs, onesie’s for the little ones and even a chimp doggie t-shirt.

And don’t forget the best gift of all… adopting a chimpanzee!  Visit our Adopt-a-Chimp page to adopt a chimp today.