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Thank you for your interest in attending, but Member Day has sold out.
Mark your calendars for our 2016 Member Days scheduled for February 20th & September 17th, 2016. Registration will open in December. Stay tuned to our website and
Facebook for updates.

Join fellow members and tour the beautiful 150-acre chimpanzee sanctuary, home to over 250 rescued chimpanzees.

Save the Chimps is closed to the public but hosts two Member Day events per year. Members from across the country have an opportunity to register for a guided tour of the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary to catch a glimpse of over 250 chimpanzee residents.

The tour covers 1.25 miles of the expansive 150-acre sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida. Members will observe the chimpanzees as they roam the islands of grass, palm trees, hills, and climbing structures that allow the chimps to run and play, visit with friends or find a quiet corner to relax, bask in the sun or curl up in the shade.

Registration is $50 per person.
Special rates for children under 18.  Must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
One of the benefits of membership is th opportunity to register for one tour on one of our Member Day events.  There are no refunds in the event you cancel your tour.

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Tour Schedule and Event Registration


September 19 – Trolley Tour Times

12:00pm      Sorry, this tour is full.
12:30pm      Sorry, this tour is full.
1:30pm        Sorry, this tour is full.     
2:00pm        Sorry, this tour is full.

September 19 – Walking Tour Times

11:00am     Sorry, this tour is full.
11:30am     Sorry, this tour is full.
1:00pm       Sorry. this tour is full.
2:30pm       Sorry, this tour is full.
3:00pm       Sorry, this tour is full.

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